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Invitation to Thirtieth Anniverary:

You and/or your organization are invited to attend the upcoming 30th anniversary of Peoples Park in Berkeley, California.

Our 30th anniversary celebration is being held on Sunday, April 25th starting at about noon and concluding at about 5pm. There will be at least five bands providing music and an open microphone for speakers. If you would like to speak, you need to arrive early and sign up adjacent to the south side of the free speech stage.

We generally have at least 1,000 people attend. Since this is our 30th anniversary and we will also be shutting down two blocks of Telegraph Avenue as well as Haste Street, there will more than likely be an attendance of closer to 2,000.

If you are a community organization and have information only that you will offer to the public, you may set your table in the park proper. We are asking for a donation of $15.00 for those groups offering information only. If you are a community organization offering fundraising items, i.e., t-shirts, bumperstickers, posters, etc., we ask for a $25.00 donation and you may set up your group display on Haste Street - directly adjacent to the park proper. Each group/organization/vendor/individual will be allotted approximately 10 foot (frontal length of booth) by 5 foot (from front of booth to rear of booth) of display space. Everyone should bring their own tables/chairs - and consider plastic tarp covering in the event of light rain. Donations cover our anniversary expenses. Any money remaining will go to the Peoples Park Defense Fund.

If you are a commercial vendor, selling arts and crafts items, of course, we ask that your items not be imports - but that you have made these items by hand yourself - personally. You may, of course, have someone work your booth for you. There is certainly no limit to number of people you may invite to work with you or attend the anniversary event of Peoples Park. It is a FREE event. Arts/Crafts vendors will be asked for a $25.00 contribution. Just as above, you will receive a space adjacent (southside) to the park on Haste Street. All money received not used for anniversary expenses will be placed in the Peoples Park Defense Fund.

Community organizations/arts/crafts vendors should arrive by 10am on the day of the event (Sunday, April 25th). Cars need to be out by 11am. If you are not familiar with the area, please call
(510) 287-9406
and leave a message with specific information of your location and I will call you back as soon as possible with directions. For those who know the area, if you come up Dwight Way - just take a left one block past (east) Telegraph Avenue - on Bowditch Street - go one block (north) down Bowditch Street - you will come to Haste Street - take a left (go west) and in 5 seconds, you are at the site of your set-up location. Drive safely and please do not bring any pets. If you absolutely must bring pets, they MUST be on leashes and you MUST pick up any poop. Bringing pets is strongly discouraged.

If you are planning to have a booth space, please send response by e-mail as soon as possble to reserve that community booth space in the upcoming Peoples Park 30th anniversary. Checks may be made out to: Peoples Park and mailed to:

Peoples Park 30th Anniversary Committee
PO Box 4851
Berkeley, Ca 94704

Please check the Peoples Park website for other details that may come up.


john vance, coordinator
community/political booths
Peoples Park 30th Anniversary Committee

Have Ideas for the Celebration? Want to Reserve Space for the Celebration April 25th? Other Ideas? Drop us an electronic line.
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