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Some important links:

First Amendment Center

John Vance email host of the People's Park site has his own Peace and Justice site - Free Mumia, Kosovo Conflict. Free Leonard Peltier, Berkeley Politics.

Ashkenaz Dance Cafe and Community Center

What David Nadel started lives on...

Free Pacifica Document Archive

Learn the story behind the attempted take-over at Berkeley's listener-supported KPFA. The real skinny about what's happening at sister Pacifica stations. Support non-corporate radio.

SF Indymedia and SF Bay Indymedia

Local news and global -- read it, make it.

Claire Burch's Progressive Videos

Claire’s videos include People's Park, Telegraph Avenue

Bil Paul’s Photographs from the Sixties, the “Tri-X Chronicles” includes shots of People's Park for the old Tribe and Barb

Berkeley in the Sixties Free Speech Movement Archives

East Bay Pesticide Alert

City of Berkeley

Draft Resistance

Berkeley Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Berkeley Businesses and Organizations

Bay Area Progressive and Calendar

S.F. Bay Guardian



ACLU on freedom in Cyberspace

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