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Welcome to a Celebration of People's Park!

Father and daughter follow the rhythm of the crowd at People's Park 1991 Concert....
An International Campaign to Buy People's Park from the Regents of the University of California
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Upcoming Mumia Abu-Jamal Conference. Saturday, March 6, UC Berkeley

Help Plan for People's Park 30th Anniversary - To Be Held April 25, 1999

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Offerings from the New All Singing, All Dancing 
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New History Page:
Visit Historic Photo Gallery - 1969. From groundbreaking through helicopter gassing to flowers left on the fence wire. ACLU photographs. Steve C's photographs (Quicktime VR Panorama). Chronologies at no extra cost! (Best seen in 1000's of colors - though photos are b & w) 

Free Speech Page: Activism in the Park, Houselessness, Free Speech on the Internet.... and that's just for starters. You don't want to miss the Amazing Food Not Bombers FreeBox Fashion Extravaganza, do you? Revisit a great moment in Berkeley History, through the miracle of Internet Animatronics.... and who said Leftists had no sense of humor? 

Culture Page: Music, Poetry, Singing and Dance.... Poems by Julia Vinograd, Music and Speeches in support of People's Park.... yes and much animated dancing as well.... 

And don't forget to visit the newly revised Alerts Page and "Peace in the Park Page" as well for vital information relevant to Park Politics. Check out David Nadel, Dona Spring, and Maudelle Shirek, all celebrated for their long time support of People's Park, in animation and short but sparkling internet sound. We want you to understand why you should HELP BUY THE PARK Find out why!

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