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Are you using a recent beta of Netscape 2?

URGENT NOTE: This Site employs Shockwave and Quicktime plugins to allow for compressed video and audio information. Back in the Spring, everything worked together. This Summer, everything has gotten out of synch. The latest version of Quicktime insists on running in Netscape 3, and will no longer run in Netscape 2. At the same time, Shockwave continues to support Netscape 2, but does not yet support Netscape 3. When the Shockwave plugin for Director finally makes it out of Beta, it will support Netscape 3, Internet Explorer 3, and compressed audio (allowing the audio information to be captured in the movie, rather than requiring a secondary Quicktime file to carry the sound). For the moment, however, if you want to run the Shockwave movies on this site you must continue to use Netscape 2. Expect the new plugin sometime this Summer. Sorry about this....

YES. You can enjoy sound and audio on this site in Netscape 2, if you are willing to implement a rather complex WORKAROUND. See Emergency Plug-In Workaround.

A SHOCKWAVE animation should appear a couple inches below this Paragraph

If animation doesn't appear or if you resize the netscape page and the embedded files "switch places" -- Just click the reload button to reload the page from cache.
All Will Be Well.

Embedded Quicktime Sound File. You should be seeing a controller box above this paragraph. Adjust controller for start/stop/volume <IMG SRC="gifs/image64.gif" WIDTH="94" HEIGHT="90" NATURALSIZEFLAG="0" ALIGN="BOTTOM"> <STRONG<BR><BR>Both Macs and Windows machines can read embedded quicktime movies, now, using Netscape 2.0+ and the correct Netscape plugins! But if you see this message or the BIG RED X, your computer probably does not have any Quicktime movie plugin to display this file, so you can't see the controller.... But most pc's (Windows or Mac) can download this document to be played in Movieplayer, however. Try Me!<BR> Please read on.

<BR><B><STRONG> Embedded SHOCKWAVE File at Right!--&gt;&gt;<IMG SRC="gifs/image64.gif" WIDTH="94" HEIGHT="90" NATURALSIZEFLAG="0" ALIGN="BOTTOM"><BR> Both Mac's and PC's can read embedded shockwave files, now, using Netscape 2 and the correct Netscape plugins. HOWEVER,REMEMBER SHOCKWAVE DOESN'T WORK IN NETSCAPE 3 YET... If you see this message or the BIG RED X your computer probably does not have the <A HREF="">Macromedia Shockwave</A> plug to display this file... SHOCKWAVE files cannot be read in MoviePlayer, however. Sorry!
So, if you have downloaded music, congratulations! You have a plugin to read embedded quicktime movies and sound files in your Netscape 2+ plugins folder. And if you see the little animation on the right then congratulations as well. You have the shockwave plugin to read director animations in your Netscape 2+ plugins folder. (Don't be overhasty about rushing to replace Netscape with Netscape 3 beta. Relax and stay in Netscape 2 for the moment. There's a lot of great Shockwave out on the net, which you can enjoy.)

Directions for Embedded Quicktime and Shockwave files on this website:

Just click with your mouse....

Embedded Quicktime movies work just like the regular ones "movie player" plays after download. You can stop any embedded quicktime movie animation or sound file by clicking it. Double click to start it. or use the controller, as available. This site is also set up with "javascript" created buttons let you choose to download quicktime sound and video files, as well. The files you choose to download from any page in this site will appear in their own separate Netscape Windows--if you have a quicktime plugin. These movie windows were created to keep movie downloads from taking over your regular netscape browser window--which we felt could get confusing. If we didn't create a separate window for your movie download it would "take over" your regular browser window.
Bored with the music? Then stop it and just click this button for new music to download in a new Netscape Window. Kotaja starts the "Freedom" Chant. (218k) [Mac users click the button twice, first to open a new window, and second to download the movie.] If you feel it is taking too long, stop the download by closing the new movie window. NOTE: Quicktime is also evolving; if Quicktime doesn't work for you right now, be patient.... the remedy will be coming soon! This birthing and rebirthing of the Internet is hard on us all!

JAVASCRIPT BUG NOTE: Mac users will have to click (or double click) their movie buttons twice. The first time will open a blank Mac Netscape Window with no movie. The second time will show the movie wallpaper in the little Mac Netscape Window, and your movie will be on its way.

Windows users should only have to click once to get their movie to download, with its wallpaper. However, if the movie window gets behind your regular Windows browser window, it will resize to the size of your regular browser window! You will be able to manually resize it. EXPECT THESE BUGS!

SHOCKWAVE animations can also be stopped by clicking them, too. Sound in a shockwave file can be stopped by a click as well. And as shockwave files are "interactive" surprises can be found that way, all over the net....

SHOCKWAVE BUG NOTE: If animation doesn't appear or if you resize the netscape page and the embedded files "switch places" -- Just click the reload button on your browser to reload the page from cache. All Will Be Well. Also if you are getting "out of memory" errors for Shockwave animations, you need probably need to add more memory to either Netscape or its cache. Life is like that.

SO remember the cure for what "ails Shockwave" When in doubt RELOAD!

Finally... Please remember, as we don't make plugins we can't guarantee any of them, nor can we be held responsible for what they do, and won't do. Also these are "Netscape" 2+ plugins. You need to use the newest version of Netscape 2 to make sure everything works --although rumor is that most browsers will adopt the Netscape plugin standard, eventually.
If you are in Windows, be sure to have a sound card, etc, if you want to hear the sound.

<I>Many of the Quicktime sound files are downloadable for playing with the Quicktime Movieplayer, if you are not using a Netscape browser. They will be shown as a plain movie to download. </I>

Not using Netscape?

Unfortunately, you will miss out on much of the animation on this site, until your browser supports Netscape 2 plugins --a moment which may be sooner than you think. Shockwave plugins, for example will shortly be available to Netscape 3, Internet Explorer, Cyberdog and several other browsers. So although all this birthing pain on the Internet is painful for those of us who like consistency, remember that soon things will be better-- we hope!

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