Some E-Mail Letters to the People's Park Web Site:

As the number of visitors went over 500 this week (February 96), we have also received many kind replies from visitors to this site around the world. Here are a few of them:

I hope you win!!! I can add you slogan "People's Park loves you" in Polish: Park Ludzi kocha Cie.

Greetings from Poland,
Zbigniew Zwolinski
Quatemary Research Institute,
Adam Mickiewicz University
Poznan, Poland

Many thanks for the link to People's Park. It is a well designed, most interesting addition to the Net. Will look at it in more detail later today.

Best wishes,
Mike Levenston,
Executive Director City Farmer,
Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture
Vancouver, Canada

I'll put a link in to my Berkeley page the next time I edit it.

Levi Asher
(the beat literature web site)

Excellent! Thank you for visiting and signing our guest book! This is interesting information to us...(and a bit nostalgic)... I am including your link on our other interests page...
We are located in Oregon... we are also very poor! So it is hard to commit to contribution... but wish to be supportive... somehow! The project is in our prayers...

laHU-NaTan leShRaEL

I will put this link on Peacetree and spread the word.

San Francisco Fractal Factory