From Asphalt to Garden....

It's 1969 in People's Park, and you are there....

This QTVR movie is made from two pictures were taken in April of 1969-- a day apart. On the first day students, streetpeople, and other community members lined up "fire brigade" style to remove the Asphalt that had covered the lot that was soon to be called: "People's Park". The amount of people involved in the process was immense, and most of the tools used to clear the land were quite simple: Fence posts from a wire fence that had surrounded the lot were adapted for a lot of purposes.

It is hard to convey the sense of empowerment that the participants received from their communal action to reclaim the land and create a "People's Park", but many future "political activists" cut their teeth on the activism of those days. In one day "People's Park" was cleared. The next day "gardeners" were creating a wide variety of communal gardens for all to share.

[Note: "Steve C.'s" large wide angle, almost "epic" style creates a very exciting presence in a non-virtual gallery, but much of this presence can be almost lost when these pictures are shrunk to a size to be seen on the 'net.

However this style also makes his pictures easily adaptable to QTVR, although these pictures were not photographed for this purpose--and thus we must apologize for a little distortion in the process.

But given the limitations of the "net", and Steve's intent to share the individual activities of each and every person his camera observed-- at least through QTVR, we have brought back the "individuals" into Steve's epic shots, and hopefully share with you, in our "virtual gallery" the immense sense of purpose these people had.]