Almost Sunset, Still Prying....

It's 1969 in People's Park, and you are there....

This QTVR movie, made from two pictures taken in 1969, shows activists finishing prying and clearing the asphalt out the "People's Park", late in the day. One can see people beginning to organize the variety of gardens that would spring up tomorrow.

The photographer, in this pair of pictures, even when closer to his subjects continues his epic style by allowing huge amounts of people can be seen far out into the distance, through his wide angle lense. Activities are varied. Fence posts will be recycled into garden implements, and the viewer is invited to grab a "post" and join the dedicated work crews, empowering themselves by creating a "People's Park" through "User Development".

[Note: "Steve C.'s" large wide angle, almost "epic" style creates a very exciting presence in a non-virtual gallery, but this presence is almost lost when these pictures are shrunk to be seen on the 'net.

However this style also makes his pictures easily adaptable to QTVR, although these pictures were not photographed for this purpose--and thus we must apologize for a little distortion in the process.

But given the limitations of the "net", and Steve's intent to share the individual activities of each and every person his camera observed-- at least through QTVR, we have brought back the "individuals" into Steve's epic shots, and hopefully share with you, in our "virtual gallery" the immense sense of purpose these people had.]