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Tell the mayor and the city council you believe thirty years of University mismanagement of the Park is enough. It's time to buy the Park. To be maintained in perpetuity as a community green space and open public forum. Community control of the Park is the only way to bring a lasting peace to Berkeley's Southside.

Tell them right now!
If your WWW browser is configured to send and receive email, just click on the mayor or a council member, and tell them how you feel. Feel free to send them all e-mail.

Mayor Shirley Dean

Councilmember Linda Maio

Councilmember Margaret Breland

Councilmember Maudelle Shirek

Councilmember Dona Spring

Councilmember Diane Woolley

Councilmember Betty Olds

Councilmember Kriss Worthington

Councilmember Polly Armstrong

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