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People's Park Chronology- Modern History of People's Park

This is only a beginning of a People's Park Chronology. Researching Newspapers in Microfiche can't tell you everything, and we need to get the story up to date!

We look forward to some kind user development, especially here....

1972 - City Council approves plan to lease People's Park from the University. Beginnings of the People's Park Council (community activists).

1974 - Environmental Impact Report on Park indicates that South Campus area is seriously short of open space. Where Federal guidelines require 2.4 acres of open space per unit of population, Berkeley has a ratio of only 1.4 acres; South Campus has only 0.1 acres.

1975 - Chancellor Bowker says he's willing to sell People's Park to the City. At the same time, Regents indicate they want to build housing on the site.

1976 - Vice Chancellor recommends a Sports Facility be built on the site.

1977 - ASUC (UC Student Union) crafts plan to acquire park.

1978 - UC announces a consultation agreement between itself, the People's Park Project (ASUC) and the Native Plant Forum. A short era of peace allows the People's Park Stage to be built (community development). UC announces plan to pave the parking lot at People's Park. UC tries to coopt the USCA (UC Student Housing Co-Ops) into backing the parking plot plan.

1979 - UC creates a student fee lot at People's Park. 200 involved in a fracas over the parking lot. Asphalt broken up with pickaxes. In November and December, a tent city springs up in protest.

UC backs off from fee lot plan, but seeks court injunction to prevent protesters from using the park at night.

1980 - Police pull plug at Saturday concert. Melee ensues.

1981 - UC Police take out an ad in the Daily Californian, advising students to stay away from the Park. UC Police remove a swing-set from the park. UC denies People's Park Council permission to have a concert in the park. Park advocates explore idea of buying the park via the Northern California Land Trust.

1984 - ASUC Senate passes a bill to develop the Park as a recreational sports site and open space, vetoed by ASUC President.

Berkeley Landmark Planning Commission determines that the Park is a landmark.

1985 - Park users plant trees and install benches in the Park, subsequently uprooted by UC Police and grounds crew.
Anti-apartheid movement sweeps Berkeley.

1986 - Catholic Worker starts serving free food in the park, the People's Cafe. UC orders them to stop feeding poor people, then backs off under pressure.

1987 - People's Park Council successfully challenges UC prohibition on amplified music in the Park. Judge lays down guidelines

1988 - UC rousts homeless from Park, confiscates belongings. Undercover agents make publicized drug arrests.

1991 - UC and City of Berkeley reach a 5 year agreement over joint management of the Park.

July 13, 1991 - UC bulldozers clear way for volley ball courts. Twelve days of rioting ensue. Cost of volleyball courts approximately $1 million.

January 9, 1996 - Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien has told city leaders that he will ask the regents to leave it as open space only if the city has a workable plan for making the park attractive and danger- free. City Council votes 8-0-1 to keep People's Park open space. City agrees to manage people's park; drops plan to remove free box; University retains property rights.

Dec 19, 1996 - People's Park activist, David Nadel, murdered at his nightclub, Ashkenaz.

January 4, 1997 - volleyball court removed by city and user developers.

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