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Freedom of Speech in the Park: Some of the Parks' best moments....

<a href="plugin2.html#anchor811675">Shockwave</a> and <a href="plugin2.html#anchor406038">Quicktime Sound</a> requires Netscape Navigator 2.0 and the requisite plugins! Revisit some important ideas shared from the Free Speech Platform at People's
Park. The Crowd is primed, kids are playing, and anticipation is in the
air. Stop the kid's chatter, and download a speech to suit yourself.

<img src="figure3.gif" align="bottom" ALT=""> Soon to be sampling of many important issues that are available. Contact us about your favorite.:

...on the Origins of People's Park (1991) (1600k)

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Plugless Sound Alternative:
Osha Newman in 1991 (1600k)

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