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*Food Not Bombs Fashion Show? I've got to see that!

People's Park Free Speech Page:

Free Speech in Support of People's Park:

[Shockwave and Quicktime sounds all over, get your plugin's, here....]

Speech in the Park:

Speeches, animation and you.... check it out...

Osha Newman and others speak out for People's Park, in the park. Sound files and animated park supporters to listen.

Activism at the Berkeley City Council:

in some very animated pages...
The Berkeley City Council Chambers has long been well known as a bastian for Free Speech, as long as you can say what you need to say in under three minutes. Check out what these "Activists" had to say in January. The next stage is coming soon... Express Yourself! Some samples:

Activists speak up for People's Park and the FreeBox!

Andrea Pritchett, of Copwatch talks about the People's Park issue that really scares her most: UC Confrontation.

And don't miss the *Food Not Bombs Fashion Show, a "political action" set up in the Berkeley City Council Chambers to support Berkeley's Famous People's Park Freebox! Many more than just the "houseless" are using the a varity of People's Park support services these days.

Speeches by Sam Davis and Emmanuel Sperios of Food Not Bombs.

Houselessness in our Cities:

and if you didn't get a chance to read it earlier.... A reprise:

Berkeley's Religious Leaders speak out for the homeless:

Free Speech on the Net:

Yes, we do support free speech on the net! Reasons why you should support this campaign beyond the "Black Page Campaign" stage...

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