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The University of California is in financial trouble and is beginning to sell off its property. The authors of this letter, who represent diverse interests in the Berkeley community, believe the City should expedite the purchase of People's Park from the University.We, the undersigned, hope a transfer of ownership of the park will resolve a continuing debate over the Park's future

Karen Adelman
manager Saul's Restaurant

Lori Ann
manager U.C. Copy

owner CopyWorld

Mohammad Bahrana
manager La Cascada

Karen Baughman
manager Ned's Warehouse

Herbert Bibins
Black Oak Books

Charles Betz
Missing Link Bicycle Collective

Sarah Brand
Smokey Joe's Cafe

R. K. Brewer
manager McKevitt Used Cars

Ruby Chan
owner Repro Express

Mona Chatal

Teresa Clarke
director Northern Calif. Land Trust

April Davis
coordinator Homeless Action Center

Roger Dunn
owner Roger Dunn Printing

Peter Edinoff
owner Model Garage

Molly English
owner Camps and Cottages

Gerardo Franco
manager Ryder

Jeanie Gilmartin
manager Berkeley Florist

E. Hill owner
Istanbul Grill

Bonnie Hughes
the Art Gallery

Howard Hurwith
manager db Audio

Millicent Johnson
manager Berkeley Community Law Center

Lisa Kaufman
manager Baubles and Beads

Natalya Kougler
manager Lhasa Karnak Herb Co.

Nanon Madison
owner The Phoenix Pastifico

N. K. Makam
owner Pro Per Publishing

Richard Mazzera
manager Chez Panisse

Ali Mirabdal
owner Cal Copy

Mehrdad Naima
owner Starry Plough

Ron Nilson
manager Berkeley Espresso

Lisa Onomoto
manager Comic Relief

Carol Jo Papac
manager Mephisto Shoes

Ali Parishan
manager Paris

Angela Pecot
owner Romantic Notions

Ella Peregrine
Homeopathic Educational Services

Bill Roxie
owner Roxie Deli

Avinoash Sharma
manager Krishna Copy

Khalid Sheraga
owner Khyber Pass

Adam Smith
manager Juicy News

Bob Steinberg
owner Stone Mountain and Daughter

Kelly Thornberry
Europa Restuarant

Cynthia Vorte
owner Stop the Clock

Carolyn Weil
owner The Bake Shop

Erik Wong
Cheeseboard Collective

Ali Abdallh
manager Statewide Liquors

Mohammed Alqassori
owner Alqassori Liquors

Tom Appleton
owner Tom's Computer Stuff

Zoreh Banapour
manager Earthly Basics

Gregory Bonn
owner Wave Wireless Communications

Vicky Chavez
manager Animal Farm

Aaron Griffey
owner Small Car Repair

Majid Hafez
manager Autometrics

Will Harper
owner Berkeley Windsurf

Lauren Katz
owner It's About Time Antiques

Charlie Kim
owner Rich's Bulky Burgers

Jerry Koehler
owner Koehler Auto Body

Ann Kong
Ann Kong's Pig Farm

David Nadel
owner Ashkenaz Music and Dance Cafe

Dan Owyang
owner Lucky Bait Shop

Bernard Rooney
owner Oak Barrel Wine and Beer Making

Phillip Schurman
manager Holiday Outlet

Ricky Singh
manager Pic 'n Pac Liquors

Terry Standley
owner West Berkeley Hardware

Esther Williams
Brent's Unique Shop


Ed Avery
owner Ed's Leathers

Paul Blake
president East Bay Media Center

Moncer Fachesy
manager Round Table Pizza

Peter Howard
owner Serendipity Books

Gankr Joulay
manager, University Produce and Grocery

M. Makhani
manager J B Liquors

David Shaw
owner Barlow's Office Products

Tom Ward
Berkeley Typewriter


Pat Hanscom
owner Eugene's Antiques

Wilma Jamison
owner New Kids In Town

J. Mendoza
manager Cafe Caracas

Hugo Mesones
manager Berkeley Blueprint

Kevin Quillinan
owner Berkeley Bicycle Doctors

Agatha Wang
manager AF Photo


Gerald Acree
manager Westbrae Nursery

Sam Cohen
owner Subway Guitars

John Denning
owner A New Leaf Garden Gallery

David Morris
owner the Bread Garden Bakery

* Organizations for purposes of identification only.

Note: This is only a partial list as support for buying People's Park
continues to grow....

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