Bring Peace to People's Park....

Buy People's Park? What an idea! But take a look at who supports the idea.... [Shockwave and Quicktime sounds all over, get your plugin's....]

Three 'netmation pages:

Welcome to Berkeley - a personal history

Dona Spring, Berkeley City Councilwoman
Dona's People's Park History, animated and reprised for those who missed it, in honor of a great city councilwomen

People's Park - for the people, by the people and of the people
Maudelle Shirek, Berkeley City Councilwoman
Maudelle made an important motion for People's Park in January in response to the popularity of the idea--reprised for those who missed it.

What If The City Did the Right Thing?

by David Nadel
David Nadel explains how buying People's Park will bring Peace to Southside Berkeley . Also the "great historical moment" at the Berkeley City Council in January when the petition from Citizens, Merchants, and Religious Leaders was unrolled at the City Council Meeting.

You saw Dave Nadel actually unrolling the petition showing who in Berkeley supports the idea in What If The City Did the Right Thing?-- Now check out the people who actually signed this petition. You'll be surprized.... This is really an idea who's time has come!
Community says: "Buy the Park"

Telegraph Merchants say: "Buy the Park"

Merchants All Over Town say: "Buy the Park"

Letter from Religious Leaders

Who owns the Park?

Getting into detail on ownership issues involving People's Park:
Why is the U.C. So Hot to Build Sports Courts?
David Nadel gives us the hidden reason

Who Owns the Park? -- 1996
Lisa Stephens

Breaking the Promise
Chancellor Tien

One Small Survey on People's Park

No Community Support for U.C.'s People's Park Plan
David Nadel
Nader says "Democratize the Regents"
One step beyond...

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