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The University of California is in financial trouble and is beginning to sell off its property. The authors of this letter, who represent diverse interests in the Berkeley community, believe the City should expedite the purchase of People's Park from the University.

We, the undersigned, hope a transfer of ownership of the park will resolve a continuing debate over the Park's future.

Ade T. Aro
owner The African Bookmark

Rigoberto Alonso
manager C'est Cafe

Jamail Ahmadzai
owner Nomad's Gallery

Kamal Ayyad
owner Fred's Market

Rebecca Baker
manager Tienda Ho

Phillip Barry
owner Shambhala Books

Thomas Bauer
manager Campus Textbook Exchange

Lynn Beckhusen
manager La Val's Pizza

Wayne Brougham
owner Cartesian Bookstore

Tracey Buck
manager Leopold Records

Scott Cambell
manager X-Large

Arthur Camball
owner Avant-Card

Daniel Choe
owner Steve's BBQ

Ken Chu
partner Quality Computer

Alan Dorsey
general manager TOGO'S

Omar Feralta
manager Fat Slice

Midori Fernandez
manager Scissors

Monell Folsom
owner Continental Art Shop

Greg Guzaitis
manager The Gap

David Habibi
owner House of Kabab

Sung Han,
manager Joy's

Augustine Hernandez
manager Eat A Pita

Jessie Hernandez
manager Urban Outfitters

Tom Hunt
the Reprint Mint

Ellie Javid
manager Maxi Hair

Allen Jones
owner Collectors Realm

Chris Juricich
manager Amous Vitamin Company

Claira Kennedy
manager Avant Card

Vinod Kumar
owner Krishna Copy

manager Narcissus

Sal Laser
manager la burrita

Allen Lewides
manager Amoeba Music

Andy Lester
manager Sharks

Marvin Lim
manager Blondie's

Kirk McKozak
manager Berkeley Basics

Alice Molloy
manager Mama Bears Bookstore

Morris Moskowitz
owner Moe's Books

Lauren Park
manager Wicked

Nancy Perez
manager Divali

Hatsjko Philogene
manager Sunshine Fashions

Gerald Prasad
manager Beeper City

Adnan Qadeer
manager Copy Vision

Ryan Rateaver
manager comics and Comix

Meghan Reek
manager Buffalo Exchange

Bob Reynolds
manager Presto Prints

Rebecca Rhine
Telegraph Ave. Merchants Association

Robyn Rodgers
manager Mars Merchantile

Guy Rose
manager Footlocker

Jay Sam
owner Cheese 'N Stuff

Ken Serachin
owner Rasputin's Records

Mohammad Shagasi
manager Zebra

Raz Sheraga
owner Gypsy Trader

Jason Shure
manager Ned's Bookstore

Chuck Smith
manager Inkstone

Jim Sugarman
manager Tower Records

Richard Ung
owner Eclair Pastries

Mac You
manager Cal Photo

Moustafa Zakaria
manager Dave's Smokeshop
<>* Organizations for purposes of identification only

Note: This is only a partial list as support for buying People's Park continues to grow....