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Why is U.C. constantly trying to ram sports courts into People's Park?

In 1986, U.C. banned amplified sound in People's Park. [To stop Free Speech?] The People's Park Council challenged the ban in court. The Court ruled that the "the ... ban ... is an unconstitutional violation of plaintiffs' First Amendment rights..." and that "any absolute ban on amplified sound in People's Park so long as it retains its character as an open public forum would violate the constitutional protections cited above."

U.C. has been trying to get out from under the injunction since 1987. If U.C. can change the character of the Park from an "open public forum" to a "recreational facility" they can go back to court and argue that the injunction be lifted, allowing U.C. to again ban amplified speech in People's Park ... their real goal -- to stifle dissent.

Sports courts evolve into structures. U.C. out of the Park! Democratize the Regents!

Ralph Nader Says "Elect the Regents!"

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