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January 27, 1992
Mayor Loni Hancock
Members of the City Council
City of Berkeley
2180 Milvia Street
Berkeley, California 94704

Dear Mayor Hancock and Councilmembers:

I wish to express my appreciation of the City's actions of the past two weeks to initiate construction of a restroom/park service building and other much-needed improvements at People's Park. I am pleased that the work is progressing smoothly and that we can expect completion of the improvements within the next few weeks.
[Note: This refers to the court built in March '92 --David Nadel.]

Regarding additional University recreational facilities planned for the site, as I informed you in my letter of December 12, 1991, our plans consist solely of a full-size (approximately 40'x 80')-lighted basketball court. The University does not intend to build any further recreational facilities at People's Park other than the basketball court.

While we had planned to install the basketball court this month, I have agreed, at the Mayor's request, to allow an opportunity for the City to install the court, either in the southernmost portion of the community garden area, or in the lawn area just east of the existing sand volleyball courts, provided that the installation can be completed by February 20, 1992. The University will reimburse the City for costs; however, the court must be built according to specifications approved by the University and must be recognized as a University-owned and operated facility.

Upon completion of the work in progress and the installation of the basketball court and additional lighting, our comprehensive joint plan for park improvements will have been fulfilled. I believe that the resultant combination of lawn, gardens, woods, picnic tables, children's play equipment, and sports courts will optimally serve our goal of providing recreational opportunities attractive to a diverse user population.

I am encouraged by the City's demonstration of its commitment to improve People's Park as a viable open-space and recreational resource. I look forward to continuing cooperation in this important project.


Chang-Lin Tien Chancellor

cc: President Gardner

Vice Chancellor Boggan

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