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Photo's from 32nd Anniversary

1969 Gallery - Making A Park

1969 Gallery - Enjoying A Park

1969 Gallery - Fencing In A Park

1969 Gallery - Bloody Thursday - March Down Telegraph

1969 Gallery - Parker & Telegraph

1969 Gallery - James Rector/Alan Blanchard

1969 Gallery - Cops

1969 Gallery - Enter the National Guard

1969 Gallery - Student Life

1969 Gallery - Resistance

1969 Gallery - Central Business District

1969 Gallery - Chill

1969 - How to Build a People's Park #1 (Steve C. Photos)

1969 - How to Build a People's Park #2 (Steve C. Photos)

1969 - Creating A People's Park (Steve C. Photos turned into Quicktime VR movie)

1969 - Almost Sunset, Still Prying (Steve C. Photos turned into Quicktime VR movie)

Alerts Page: Action to be taken and why (index to alerts, breaking news)

Andrea Pritchett - You Know What's Really Scary for Me (at city council) (shockwave)

Photographs by Brenda Praeger (1991 Anniversary photos)

More Photographs by Brenda Praeger (1991 Anniversary photos)

Regent Brophy quote - build out the park regent quote

Bulldozer (and other ) Alerts

Community Support community petition signatures

E-mail city hall

Cul-Cha pages (index to site culture spots)

Councilmember Donna Spring Personal Message. (shockwave)

Emergency Plug-in Workaround

Food Not Bombs Freebox Fashion Show Extravaganza (shockwave)

Clifford Fred - People's Park: What's Next?

Free Box - excerpts from Emanuel Sferios

Gardening Gallery (photos)

Geronimo leaflet - Who Owns the Park? 1969 leaflet text (Geronimo)

High quality version of 1969 Who Owns the Park leaflet

History Pages index

Invitation to 30th Anniversary

Julia Vinograd People's Park Poems (Shockwave, Quicktime audio)

Links to other sites

Merchants all over town say buy the park. petition signature

Music - People's Park Concerts - Kotoja, Wazobia, Hali Hammer (Shockwave, Quicktime)

Ralph Nader Says UC Regents Should Be Publically Elected

No community support for U.C.'s People's Park Plan. David Nadel

Opinion Page index about the park

Peace in Southside Peace Page index

People's Park home page

Pledge to buy the park

Plug-ins used in site, where to get them

Breaking the Promise quote from Chancellor Tien

Readers respond, e-mail

Berkeley Religious Coalition People's Park Letter

What if City did the Right Thing? Dave Nadel at Council (Shockwave)

City Councilmember Maudelle Shirek (Shockwave)

Speeches in the Park Julia. Osha Newman. Crowds. (Shockwave, quicktime)

Why Ram Sports into People's Park? David Nadel

Lisa Stephens Who owns the Park? - 1996.

One small Survey on People's Park

Telegraph Merchants support purchase of People's Park. Petition signers.

Letter from Chancellor Tien regarding people's park

Timeline Part 1 (Beginning a less recent chronology)(small photos)

Timeline Part 2 (Beginning a recent chronology)(small photos)